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What’s the sample length of Visco?

The first 750 ms of sound is represented, and what comes after is approximated by an exponential decay.

I can’t drag and drop samples inside FL Studio

FL has some restrictions on allowing external files for drag and drop, here are some workarounds. Please note that Administrator Mode may limit functionality.

  • Use the “Fit To Audio File” option in the sound dropdown menu
  • Enable “Accept Dropped Files” in FL Studio’s plugin settings
  • Enable the “Make bridged” option
  • Once bridged mode is enabled:
    • Create an .FST file by clicking the down arrow next to the cogwheel icon on the FL plugin wrapper.
    • Select “Save Preset As” and name it “Visco.”
    • Save it to the plugin database: Imagine-line > FL Studio > Presets > Plugin database > Generators >
    • Replace the existing Visco FST file with the new one


Release Notes


New features and improvements



  • Fixed an issue where clearing a sequencer track sometimes wouldn’t work on Windows
  • Fixed an issue where the VST3 version would occasionally go into hibernation mode


New features and improvements

Downgraded shader language version to increase compatibility with older computers


Fixed an issue where Visco would occasionally crash when switching to an external monitor


New features and improvements

  • Blob wobble animations have been updated to show Dynamics-Velocity instead of Model(mapped)-Velocity 


  • Custom shader loading got broken in v1.0.7., but now it works again 😇 
  • Fixed a bug where Blob load could crash Visco during playback
  • Fixed an issue where Envelopes used the wrong parameters for synthesis
  • Windows only: Visco now correctly loads files with non-English characters in the path


New features and improvements

  • Fixed an issue with the Windows installer that could default to the system VST2 path from the registry


  • Resolved a bug where host automatable parameters were not updating properly after a preset change
  • Fixed a crash caused by filter modulation going out of range
  • Resolved a bug where certain parameter modulation would result in extremely loud output


New features and improvements

  • Signed installer on Windows


  • The blob now updates accurately when changing presets


New features and improvements

  • The GUI can now be resized (100%, 150%, 200%)! You can access this feature by left-clicking on the Visco logo in the top left corner of the interface
  • The BPM range is now 1-400, because why not


  • The sequencer would occasionally stutter when host-synced and using large audio buffers (thanks Orin!)
  • The sequencer view would occasionally crash FL Studio on Windows (thanks Brendan!)
  • Fonts on Windows could clash with existing fonts (thanks Tom!)
  • LFO Beatsync toggle is now updating properly when switching between Hz and Beats

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